Raslo was born in Liverpool, England. He learned his craft in local bands, in art college, and as an itinerant musician in the coffee houses of Europe and North Africa.
In 1988 he chose self-exile in Asia where for several years he focussed on writing and poetry. After discovering America in 1995 he returned to music and words. He currently plays solo gigs of song and poetry, and divides his time between Hong Kong and Los Angeles.
[ photo: Wanchai, Hong Kong, about 1998 ]

Raslo is a poet and songwriter of unclaimed proportions. His influences are more from wordsmiths than musicians, his most cited influences being Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen and, more recently, Adam Duritz of Counting Crows. 

Ras came upon the writings of Charles Bukowski in the late '90's, and was hugely excited by the simple, direct way of storytelling. Ras has since put several of Bukowski's stories to music - including "Turkeyneck morning" and "Bring me your love" - intertwining Bukowski's portraits with fresh chapters from Raslo's imagination. Many of his Liverpool pieces reflect lessons learned from the brutal directness of Bukowski's writing.

Raslo's debut CD is now available (including "Drifting", the song inspired by "Turkeyneck morning") as is his first chapbook of poetry. He is continually writing and performing, both in Asia and the U.S. - so if you have an Asian or LA venue and you're wondering just how good Ras is, contact us for a copy of the vid of Ras' amazing performance at Midnight Special, LA, (8th July 2000).

See you on stage, my friend.

Ras can be contacted by e-mail for a list of current gigs, planned adventures, or for offers of stardom.