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December 2nd, 2006 -  Just back from a non-musical interlude at Universiti Teknologi MARA in Malaysia - man, what a load of fun - visiting the graduating design students. Those guys are so much fun. Thanks to them all for a very welcome interlude in Raslo's life, and good luck to them all for the future. Ras.

May 26th, 2005 - At great risk to the creative website, we are transferring the 'hosting' of this site to 'HostBaby', from our old friends over at CDBaby (the ONLY source for indie music). So if the site suddenly turns black, fear not loyal fans - WE SHALL RETURN....

May 6th, 2005 - Great gig on Wednesday at The Fringe, right here in Hong Kong. All new material from yer Ras, new poems and new music. Went down a treat, one of Ras' best gigs in fact. His poem 'Summer in Llandudno - by Raslo Layton' went down a storm. Ask for it by name next time you see Ras live.

NEWS - Dave McKirdy will be launching his new poetry book next Wednesday, 11th at the Fringe. Be there.

Raslo's CD hits the streets 



Check out extracts from "Rock Poet"
June 9th, 2004 - GIG NEWS!!! 

Put it in your diaries: Raslo FREE CONCERT, at Le Meridien Cyberport, Friday 25th June 2004 at 8pm.  FREE ADMISSION - FREE PARKING. Tell your friends, this will be one great show. And the gigs are being confirmed for the summer Los Angeles tour, the first being at Bob Stane's Coffee Gallery Backstage over in Altadena. Sunday, 1st August, 6pm. More details later.

From Detroit...

Check the photos courtesy of Steve Goodfellow and his band The Layabouts

April 7th, 2004 - SAD SAD NEWS

Jack Shafer, the poet and storyteller from Los Angeles, passed away yesterday. I don't have the words to begin to tell you how great he was, as a poet and as a man. The world suddenly feels that much more hollow. For those who didn't know Jack, we have one of his performances on audio on the site. Listen, then go tell your children, 

"I heard Jack Shafer".

Via Los Angeles...

Check out this really great poet, Nina Simon. She read with Ras at Poetic Licence. Brill!!!

July 12th, 2003 - GIG NEWS!!! Raslo will be back tearing up Los Angeles again. He'll be playing Bob Stane's Coffee Gallery Backstage on Sunday, 20th July; five other acts playing, a cover of $6. 

DO NOT MISS THIS ONE - Ras is out to make his mark (again), this will be one great show.

Stephen Goodfellow (see posting, January 18, 2001)has found some old pictures from our days at college! Check out
April 29th, 2003 - Check it out!!! 

Raslo has topped the charts again, with the album cut of "Bleed me dry" reaching #1 on the Asian mp3 Pop/Rock Charts! And "This fragile face" made its debut appearance at #25, a great effort.

Many thanks to everyone who helped get these tunes moving, we are very, very grateful.

April 11th, 2003 - Our 'Join Raslo's Mailing List" device has gone walk-abouts, which means no-one can...er...join Ras's mailing list for now. So PLEASE - if you like what you read and hear here (here?) just SEND US A BLANK EMAIL, we'll add you to the list, and you'll be updated with all the news, give-aways and other groovy stuff that happens. 

Now, go check out Jack.....

Mar 26th, 2003 - Jack Shafer has very kindly allowed us to put his performance of "Bobby - Vietnam" on the site. This is too good to miss... Check it out

Mar 17th, 2003 - Ras has two spots during the current International Literary Festival, both at the Fringe Club, Hong Kong.  He will appear on Wednesday, as part of the launch for the "City Voices" anthology in which his "Kafka" poem appears, then on Saturday (22nd) he will be featured at the 'Taboo' reading, starting at 8pm, when he will read some of his more edgy material. 

Those of a nervous disposition should stay home with their macrame. 

Mar 6th, 2003 - Last night's regular Outloud poetry gigat the Fringe Club, Hong Kong joined - in spirit at least - the "International Day of Poetry Against the War". Ras' contribution to the evening was well-received, so well in fact that we've posted it HERE. If you like it, feel free to send it on to anyone you think might enjoy it.

Jan 28, 2003 - GIG NEWS - once again Ras is playing at the Fringe Club, Hong Kong, next Wednesday (5th Feb). Show starts at 8pm. 

Nov 29, 2002 - GIG NEWS - next Wednesday (4th Dec) Ras is playing at the Fringe Club, Hong Kong. The unofficial launch of the CD! As always, starts at 8pm.

Aug 2, 2002 - the LA Gigs are happening, but slower and fewer than hoped. Two venues have closed since Ras was confirmed (no connection, we believe), so right now we're down to two. Check the sidebar for details.

July 28,2002 - I know, it's been a while, but here's the latest. Ken Lewis finished the mix on the CD, the mastering has been finished, and it is set to be released about August 7th! Watch this space! 

May 1,2002 - HOT-HOT-HOT!!! - The decision has been made, the phones are ringing and the girls are oiling their tights - Raslo will be performing in sunny Los Angeles by the Sea. Check the side-bar (LA NEWS) for the latest.

April 19, 2002 - The CD project refuses to die! Most of the tracks have been recorded, just a few left to add. Emma Ayres, ex-HK Philharmonic, is laying down some cello and viola and then we're done. 

A long-time coming, but it will be well-worth the wait. Mixing is being done by Ken Lewis in New York. Check his credentials - if anyone can make Ras sound good, Ken can.

Mar 29, 2002 - "Well I have to say, Ras stank last night. Sorry, sports fans, but definitely not his best performance. No real reason, just one of those nights. Be assured, Ras is totally pissed at himself, and sources close to the man say this won't happen again...maybe...."

- Rigor Grigenski, Raslo Critic

Mar 28,2002 - GIG NEWS It's been a while...the day-job has been demanding! Right; Raslo has a feature at the Fringe Club, the new home of OUTLOUD poetry. Wednesday, 3rd April, and Raslo's express aim is to rock the (new) house with his poetry and music. Can he do it? Well swing by and see. As always, kick-off is 8pm. Also, the Hong Kong Poetry Anthology should be available on the night, with a couple of early pieces by the Ras...watch this space...For more on the night or the anthology, check with the demon drummer Dave McKirdy for details.For more on the night or the anthology, check with the demon drummer Dave McKirdy for details. 

Jan 31, 2002 - OK, here we go again...GIG NEWS...Raslo is playing at Visage Free, Wednesday 6th February. Kick-off, as always, 8pm. It's part of the Fringe Club "City Festival" celebrations, and looks like being a showcase of Hong Kong poets.

Jan 14, 2002 - Fresh back from LA, and some really good gigs. Just after Christmas, Raslo featured at Rapp Saloon in Santa Monica. A great gig, went down very well. Ras stayed a few days longer to play Hallenbeck's General Store open mic on North Hollywood - a great venue and a great gig, and Ras was offered a feature spot based on his performance. The place is terrific, huge atmosphere. Also there was a totally awesome player there, just phenomenal - Seth Horan; check him out!!!

Sept 26, 2001 - Coming Gig!!!  Here we go again, Raslo's playing Visage Free. Raslo is featuring next Wednesday (3rd Oct) with poetry and music. Host this month is the mad mechanic Dave McKirdy and I am told Pete Scher will be reading. Pete is wild, totally unpredictable and thoroughly educational. Other feature artists of the night as yet unkown.

The gig as usual kicks off at 8pm; Raslo will be on any time between 8 and 10pm. The normal Raslo set here runs for about 20-30 minutes...depends...

Aug 22, 2001 - Back from Detroit - Well, gig-wise it was a bit unfortunate; Ras arrived Los Angeles 6 hours late thanks to CX and missed Rapp Saloon; Yesterday's Cafe had stopped open mics so no Saturday gig, and Unurban moved their Monday gig to Friday.

However, Poetic Licence was on thanks to Donn Deedon and Larry Jaffe, and Raslo had a most enjoyable gig amongst some great poets and friends, including a fine reading by Nina Simon. Thanks, guys

Aug 7, 2001 - Cass Cafe Say 'No' - well, not exactly, but for whatever reason there's no detroit gig. No worries - Ras only wants to see his old mate Steve anyway.

July 30, 2001 - Raslo Goes Touring Again - Well, almost. Off to Los Angeles for two weeks, with a visit to Detroit thrown in for good measure. Never one to miss an opportunity, we have tried to set up some gigs and some features (check venues HERE). Stephen Goodfellow is trying to arrange a feature in Detroit, at the Cass Cafe, more on that when we know.

June 4, 2001 - New gig, at the Globe, Central HK. Next Monday, 11th, starting at 8pm. I'll be doing it with Tony Pannell, it's a night of music, so do your best to get along.

February 28, 2001 - Two new gigs confirmed for Raslo. First, at Visage Free Restaurant in Central Hong Kong, 8pm Wednesday 7th March 2001. Raslo is one of the features, and his set will be all new poems and song. Hosted by the mad mechanic Dave McKirdy, it promises to be an excellent night with some outstanding players in attendance.

Second gig is over in Macau, at the University. It will be held on campus in Lord Stowe's Cafe (in the new International Library). I don't have a time for the event, but it sounds like kicking off about 3pm in the afternoon. e-mail me if you want to be kept up to date. This is a collection of poets, including several Hong Kong poets, and Raslo will be doing some of his most popular poems and songs. 

So get over if you can...and bring a friend or three.

January 18, 2001 - Now some news for a very small group of people. By accident Raslo stumbled upon the web-site of a guy name of Stephen Goodfellow - www.goodfelloweb.com - this guy was at art college with Ras way back in '72. Apart from his artistic endevours with brushes and paints, he was a truly awesome blues harp player, and he and Ras shared the stage at the local arts centre on many an evening. 

He was a far better blues player than Raslo but, with age, such detail can be glossed over. He is keeping the faith well-together over in Detroit, Michigan, and survives as a painter, whilst continuing his playing with a band called The Layabouts. Check it out, say Raslo sent you!

January 10, 2001 - Well Raslo is now safely back in Hong Kong, after a very quiet Christmas in Los Angeles. Everywhere was closed, so he really didn't get much of a chance to play very many gigs. However, Cow's End in Venice did afford him the chance to dust off a few tunes and, with very few people in attendance, a quiet evening was had by all.

On the other hand, the feature at Rapp Saloon went down really well. A bunch of poems together with a couple of songs, and a most appreciative audience made for a very enjoyable gig. If you get the chance, visit Rapp Saloon (every Saturday night). It's a great location and attracts some of LA's finest (poets not police).

December 28, 2000 - Now confirmed - Raslo will be playing RAPP SALOON on Saturday, 6th January 2001 and the Friday gig at Midnight Special is cancelled (poetic politics). Rapp Saloon is Pete Justus' new venue, and looks like a lot of fun. 

Rapp Saloon is part of the International Youth Hostel, 1436 2nd Street,Santa Monica. So get along to Raslo's gig - the support will be much appreciated!

October 27, 2000 - HOT NEWS!!! Amazon.com have accepted Raslo's chapbook!!! Check it out now

October 23, 2000 - The official Hong Kong launch of Raslo's first chapbook "Raslo Layton - Rock Poet" will take place on Wednesday, November 1st, 2000, at the now-notorious "Outloud", at Visage Free in Central. Kick-off is at 8pm, entrance is FREE. 

October 18, 2000 - Well, finally back into the good news again. Raslo's gig at Midnight Special on January 5, 2001 has been posted on the Los Angeles poetry circuit, so he's back on! Plus we have two other gigs offered, just waiting for the dates to be confirmed. So, those of you in LA, and those of you planning to be in LA, watch this space!

October 5, 2000 - Good news/bad news. LA poet Donn Deedon was just in Hong Kong and featured at the monthly "Outloud" poetry reading, where he went down a storm. However he brought with him the news that Pete Justus has had a falling out with Midnight Express Bookstore, Santa Monica, Los Angeles, and no longer hosts the weekly readings. So there goes Raslo's main Christmas gig, as there seems to be a boycott by the poetry lads of the bookstore!